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So Impressed with Botox... Downside Being Its Lifespan

I am so impressed with Botox...downside being its...

I am so impressed with Botox...downside being its lifespan. I have injections on my forehead and within 5 days everything is nice and tight and the lines go away....problem is that they start coming back within a month.

Doc is very cautious and does not inject deeply for fear of the dropped brow line (frown).

How long does Botox last...usually? Would deeper injections last longer? I have had up 20 20-30 injections per session. What is the risk of the frown?
Should last 3-6 months. You can lift the brow and lower the brow depending on placement of the injection. I assume you mean 20-30 units? Maybe it is older Botox-diluted to much or you are one of the very, very few that it does not last on.
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