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Hello Everyone! I am new on Realself and I'm...

Hello Everyone! I am new on Realself and I'm very excited to have my BA in a few days! It's really nice to know the majority had such great results. I am a fairly petite Asian girl, in my early twenties, and I am about 5'3" and weigh about 103, 104 pounds. Right now I wear a 32A bra, and My doctor suggested I get 250cc Moderate Profile if I want to be 2- 2.5 sizes bigger. It seems that the majority of the ladies here are opting for implants that are AT LEAST 300 cc, any ladies out there who were happy with ones that were 300 or lower? I don't want it to overwhelm my petite body. What do you ladies think?

Thank you very much for your input ! :)


Hi there, silicone round unders. So we're ending the same size, 34C and I started as an A.
Mine are mentor and the diameter of the implants and the diameter of your chest area i think has something to do with it too.

I think you'll start feeling better soon, once I was past past week 3 I felt really normal. But I have to also say I think my ps was a bit diff than some others like I did not have to wear the strap it was straight to bra .... My discomfort was soooo minimal and I think it's because of the cauterizing tool he used to create the pocket, I am literally the biggest baby when it comes to pain! Just stay on top of taking your Advil, don't let the window pass and u should be ok, good luck, I am sure you'll be feeling super sexy soon!
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I am a 5'3 Asian, 108 lbs, got 375cc. Pre op was a 34A Calvin klin bra, 34B Victoria secret bra. Now I am a 34c. The diff in clothes in minor in a bathing suit it's fantastic:)

I am 5 wks post op and my healing has been a breeze, I had an amazing surgeon I wish you the same luck!
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Hey so did u get saline or silicone n was it under or over the muscle? I bet u got high profile uh?? I've notice u get more out of the size if u get high pro n over the muscle. Jw cuz I got under the muscle and Med profile and I'm only gonna be 34c from v.s I started with a 34a size too..
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