The Good and Not So Good After 16 Weeks - Asheville, NC

I'm 48 and my bottom front teeth were crowding and...

I'm 48 and my bottom front teeth were crowding and my upper front tooth was jutting out. Due to the cost I searched for a year and purchased a Groupon for $2850.

My teeth were fitted with a mold that was sent to Invisalign. My treatment plan is for 22 aligners that are replaced every two weeks. I see the Dentist every 4 weeks.
The Good
They really are invisible
Being able to take them out to eat and clean them
No more snacking
Lots more time(s) spent brushing teeth

The Not So Good
My tongue hits my upper aligners whenever I talk - very uncomfortable
My lips are always at some level of chapped
No more lipstick or bold colored gloss - always gets on the aligners
The nubs they added to my teeth to hold the aligners in place are a huge food trap while eating
Constantly cleaning the aligners

My Dentist says it's normal to have the gap between the aligner and the roof of my mouth but it is quite annoying and uncomfortable. My teeth are loose which was a really strange sensation to begin with. I also experienced jaw problems when I began treatment that I'm told happens if you grind your teeth at night - this went away after a few weeks. My lips became severely chapped and now Chapstick is my best friend. On a good note my bottom teeth are already pretty straight and my front tooth has moved quite a bit too. I'm very glad I my treatment plan is only 9 months
Hi!  Just wondering how you're doing :)

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!  

Your teeth being loose, at least, is totally normal.  With the bone remodeling going on as a result of the aligners moving your teeth, it's very normal for your teeth to be a little loose.  That's one of the things that makes eating so uncomfortable.  

If I'm understanding you correctly, it's also normal for the aligner to not go all the way up to the gums.  I was always playing with that lip of plastic with my tongue.  Totally annoying.  But you get used to it when it's not cutting you and stuff.  If it's unbearable, trying filling that space with orthodontic wax. :)

I don't remember having the chapping problem.  I might have had it, but not long enough to remember it.  You may have cut down on your liquid intake as well as your food intake when you cut out your snacking. If not, it may just be something you get used to.

Good luck, and I look forward to following your progress.  Are you considering posting some before shots of your teeth?

I just started my 9th set of aligners. I have complained about how uncomfortable the top aligners were since day one but was told that might change as we progressed into the treatment. This visit I requested a consultation with Invisalign as their advertising campaign states how comfortable this product is to wear. My dentist took my aligners back and cut them back further than ever before......finally comfortable to wear.
Dr. Port

I will review my Dr at the end of my treatment plan. At this time everything is good

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