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Not certain if it was due to the lack of...

Not certain if it was due to the lack of experience by my "doctor" or just the procedure itself. I had Zeltiq on my upper belly in July, and did notice results in September, but the same exact problem "bulge" is back. And no, it is not because I gained weight; I actually have lost 8 pounds since the procedure from dieting and excercise. This random tummy fat appeared about a year ago, as things happen when you age. I tried sit ups, but nothing was seeming to work.

As far as I am concerned, a waste of my time and money. I hope it goes better for you.

Ashburn General Surgeon

I was very disappointed with the professionalism of the staff and the doctor (several reasons for both), so I should not be surprised with my results. I had an actual intern do the procedure (I was not aware this was happening until it was actually happening), so also not certain if that is the reason for the poor results.

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That is nice of you to try to rectify the problem.
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We would be happy to review your results and talk about your options as we love to see all our patients back for a follow up consultation. As you may know, the coolsculpting device is only just over a year on the market and many of the policies and protocols used were developed by Zeltiq, the makers of coolsculpting. The device itself is very simple to use and is just a suction cannister that attaches to your skin and then cools the skin. The machine itself does not have many variables thus results are not as dependant on the person turning the on/off switch on the machine as is the area being treated by the applicator. For example the legs don't respond particularly well to coolsculpting even though the company stated that it did work in this area. Our experience has been to the contrary and we have thus tried to steer patients away from using it in this area after we realized this trend.
When we bought this machine, we were the very first plastic surgery office in Northern Virginia to acquire the device so even though we have the most experience with the device we had little input from other physicians who had used it locally.

As far as the professionalism of the staff and doctor are concerned I would be happy to discuss this with you so that our practice may learn and grow from your input.

Please feel free to call 703-858-3208 (office)to make a follow up consultation. Another option would be to call any night after 530p or on the weekends. After hours and on the weekend you will reach me personally as the office phone rolls over to my cell phone at these times so we can discuss the matter and hopefully assist you in any way we can.
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