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I had a lot of sun damage from years in the sun...

I had a lot of sun damage from years in the sun plus a 2 year tour to Hawaii. I had been told that IPL would have AMAZING results on my skin. I had kind of. Amass. It almost looked like I had blush on all the time. During the summer, my complexion was kind of "lacey". I had my treatment in November '11. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't relaxing either. A square hand piece is placed all over the areas needing help and there is a sort of zap. What happens next is the dark spots turn much darker, then they scab a bit and come off. It sounds pretty straight forward, but I was embarrassed by the way my face looked and didn't always go out. It took about 7-8 days. It didn't hurt. It really did look like coffee grounds on skin. Beautiful skin was revealed and It really was a huge difference for me and well worth the money and the process. I hope it helps you, too.

One, could us another. It is in fairfax, not sure why realself put Ashburn...Elume Med Spa
How many treatments did you get and where exactly did you go in Ashburn?
I should have one more treatment. I'm telling you, it will improve your skin!
Elume Med Spa

This is a small operation with big service.

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