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The procedure I had done was filling my nasolabial...

The procedure I had done was filling my nasolabial folds (with Juvederm). Amy did an excellent job and it didn't hurt that much at all (small little prick to the skin, believe me it doesn't really hurt). I keep looking at myself in the mirror in disbelief. I needed 2 syringes, 1 for each side. Now I am five day on and I must say I didn't have much swelling at all (very little, I want to say none), I could have gone back to work the same day. The only con in the whole situation is that the office is like almost an hour from me, but I will drive out there when I need to because it's worth it. I definitely feel more confident. I will definitely go back in the near future. I want to stay young looking, so whatever they recommend within reason I will do.

I actually spent $458, as they honored my Groupon.

I actually spent $458, as they honored my Groupon.

Thanks for adding some more info. I'm glad you are liking the way things came out. So, I'm a bit confused by your Groupon comment. So this office was running a Groupon promo?

Yes, Mountcastle was running a groupon for $249 a syringe of juvederm and this is how I found this place, they were kind enough to honor the groupon price for another syringe and that's how I ended up with 2 syringes. I can't say enough about this place, the atmosphere is great, everyone is so kind and courteous. I'd like to say even their regular prices are great compared to most plastic surgeons offices. I believe I found a keeper even though they are almost an hour away from where I's worth it!

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I went back to Mountcastle Plastic Surgery on...

I went back to Mountcastle Plastic Surgery on October 19, 2012, to get a touch up of juvederm and botox and it came out amazing. I had y cheecks lifted a little with juvederm and had some lines around my mouth filled. I had botox done between my eyes (the 11's) and it all came out great. I was just wondering when you go to a plastic surgeons office, is he suppose to take care of you or are the nurses? The price was great they still honored the groupon discount it seems as long as I go there they will honor that price which is great. So she used 2 syringes of juvederm and 1 syringe for the botox, which totaled $647, you can't beat that!
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I had no problems whatsoever and the procedure is perfect. I found out about Dr. Mountcastle through groupons and I'm happy I did. I'd like to say this was my first time to Mountcastle Plastic Surgery in Ashburn, VA. Everyone was so kind, the receptionists were nice and so cute. So once I went in to the back to get my procedure done, Amy was the person to do it, she was so knowledgeable and the procedure came out perfect....she is awesome! I love the results and aftewards Dr. Mountcastle came in to meet me. It's just a great place and a great atmosphere. I will be going back.

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