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Artefill...would Have Been Great if Done Right!

I suffered nearly a year ago from a burn trauma...

I suffered nearly a year ago from a burn trauma that caused tissue  loss around my mouth. i heard artefill was permanent and thought hey....this is for me! WRONG. I wish i had never done this. the physician did NOT take his time ( he did it in about ten minutes) and it completely threw the proportions of my face off.

I should have been more suspicious. The first time i came in he asked me to outline the damage that was done, then when i came back for the injection he magically noticed it!I am so upset by this. i am 21 yrs old and loved the way my face looked beforehand. it was round, but had a great delicate balance. now it is ROUND without any definition.

If you do this, PLEASE pay close attention to how the physician acts. It is VERY important. Now, i am doomed for the rest of my life.


That just sucks. I think if a surgeon or any kind of place malforms you; you ought to have reparative things done for free until you are happy. I would hound that place. I would also find a lawyer if necessary. Where I go, the surgeon is amazing...(after breast augmentation I had to see him once a month for a whole year...for free...he does this with all his clients...he wants everything to be perfect). Also, the RNs that inject fillers and botox are highly trained and give thorough consultations before anything!!! I get angry when I hear stories such as yours. In the future, when you get that 'vibe', just walk right out. There are a ton of other physicians you can go to. You always want to feel listened to at the consultation...I interviewed five surgeons before my breast augmentation. The other four didn't listen to me at all...they wanted to do things that were unneccesary!! And I was well-studied enough to know that. I wish you well, now go after that plastic surgeon and make it right!!!
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I am sorry for your experience. Did you have Retin A burns/scars/trauma? I saw questions about using Retin A and wondered if they caused the intial problems? Did those problems resolve?

I hope you have found a resolution!!
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I know it must feel like it's for the rest of your life, but Artefill wears off in about 5 years. In the meantime you can have other less-long-lasting fillers injected to at least balance out your face. Just be sure you find a competent doctor with lots of experience injecting fillers.
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