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Is Anything Wrong with my Procedure?

I had ArteFill injection on my nasolibals on mid...

I had ArteFill injection on my nasolibals on mid May. I don't see any improvements at all. Is it too early to see improvments or there is something wrong? I tried to go back and talk to the doctor but it is almost impossible!! when I call the office to make appointment they answer the phone and then say would you please hold for a moment, I do but I eventually hang up after holding for about 10 min.they never come back to my line!!

It is very frustrating since I have paid so much money and don’t see any result :(

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Dr. Henry doesn't make an effort to spend time with patients (me!) He doesn't listen to my concerns or questions. Does not provide any information (He let the office staff deal with it) the office staff are very unprofessional, tried to charge me more than my actual bill. Don't return my phone calls. I am trying to contact them to make an appointment, they answer the phone and then say would you please hold for a moment, I do but I eventually hang up after holding for about 10 min. they never come back to my line. I wonder if Dr. Henry knows about all this?! It is very frustrating since I have paid so much money and don’t see any result :(

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I had it injected 2 days ago and nothing!!! The doctor wants me to comeback, because of the partial results. I am seeing no results and will not spend more money on something that didn't work the first time. I have had other injectibles that have worked well. My fault for not researching arte fill.
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Oh I have big problems with another one of these weirdo 'safe, just injections only, the garbage injected under my skin pla, absorbable sutures which don't absorb when diluted in soft tissue areas, I can't image have ground a ground plexiglass injected. I am horrified!
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While the overwhelming percentage of people receiving Artefill has had positive feedback, the negative feedback and what most board certified plastic surgeons have to say about it gives one pause to really think about having this done. I agree with "Christian" to some extent, in the wrong hands Artefill would lead to a disastrous conclusion. But even in the right hands of a skilled "artist" of a plastic surgeon only time will tell. As one highly qualified plastic surgeon wrote...permanent fillers have a way of sticking up like mountains as the face naturally ages. Kinda scary. I wish those who've had it done successfully nothing but the best in the future and hope that a long-term effect doesn't present itself as a problem that continually needs to be corrected by temporary fillers. To those who haven't had it but were considering it...well, I don't think it's an option anymore as Artes Medical who produced Artefill went belly-up, but even so if considering it I would seriously weigh heavy the pros and cons. There are some real horror stories out there among the success stories. They tend to be drowned out by the positive feedback. Nevertheless, they're still valid. 20 years down the road as your face ages naturally, what's this block of facial "cement" going to look like? Only time will tell. As for Kelly1123...after paying big bucks to have it done and then not being able to get in touch with your doctor is a real problem, and sounds just like the kind of doctor I would avoid. Researching a well-qualified, board certified doctor is not the only smart thing to do when deciding who will do the work for you. Care and follow-up AFTER the procedure is just as important to research. I fear you have learned that the hard way. I'm so sorry.
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I am greatly disappointed that Artefill was a victim of the slow economy and, I believe, poor marketing! I have had this procedure three times; each time building up my chin and nasolabial areas. Tomorrow I am going for my final treatment. This is the best product ever--in the hands of a skilled doctor. My doctor is an artist! In the wrong hands, it would be scary indeed! I am incredibly happy with my procedure.
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Artefill is back on the market. The company has been bought and the product is being produced again. I have had three artefill treatments since March 2009.
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please...be happy it didnt show up. artefill is terrible, PERMANENT stuff. good luck to you. P.S. i would know...just read my review!!
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