Around 50% Improvement .. Very Mild Pain

I had some scars on my face due to old pimples and...

I had some scars on my face due to old pimples and a bicycle accident. I performed 3 treatments on thursday, 26th feb 09 in India.

-Pixel laser treatment - 5000 INR (approx 100 $)
-DPN to remove my moles - 1500 INR (approx 30 $ )
-Filler - for 2-3 deep scars - 3000 INR (approx 60 $)

I had a very mild pain, rather i was just worried. I had anesthesia cream for an hour before, that helped.

My face was red and looked patchy for 3 days .. I could rest on sat and sun .. Didnt go out of house just to be on safer side and avoided the sun. On sat the skin started peeling off leaving a new skin behind much more smoother and brighter.

The doc had suggested me three sittings but i guess it is going to take one more and my skin should be plain.

Name not provided

I did the pixel treatment from my skin specialist and she was worth every penny. Would suggest everyone to get it done from good doctors than any local parlours.

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Hello Archie..!!!

Yesterday itself I had a sitting with my doctor from Lilavati hospital. Previously he had told me that I have to pay 5000/- for full face pixel laser treatment, but then when I went for the treatment he did it only for both the cheeks that too not so properly, I am really disappointed by his behavior, he said, on next sitting I will have to pay double to do the full face, that is 10000/- I am not concerned about the money which I am paying, but it should be worth it. I will be very pleased to know the clinic or the doctors name from you, so that I can get it done from her to have better results.

Thank you.
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can any one send me details of Pixel Laser treatment for acne scars and address of Clinic in India?
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