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3weeks Post Brachioplasty - Portland, OR

After 3 weeks still need pain meds once or twice a...

After 3 weeks still need pain meds once or twice a day. Have strange swelling above each elbow -2 areas divided by dark line (looks like a bruise between small swellings on each side!) tape still on one side - other is free of tape. Have worn compression top since surgery.arms look good - just concerned with swelling. Seeing doctor tomorrow.Really hope I can get the ok to wear deodorant!!!

Can others please share what medication they were...

Can others please share what medication they were given post surgery and how long they needed it ? I am 3 weeks post and still need codeine. Is that unusual??thanks

It will be a month post op on Tues. Arms feel like...

It will be a month post op on Tues. Arms feel like hard logs! Back of arms a little numb still and swelling most noticeable above elbow. Anyone else with similar problems? Arms look good otherwise. Still have pain but tolerable. Feels like nerve pain - sometimes shooting through top of arm!!I am hoping in another month this will be a memory????

Looked at scars today when changing MICROSPORE...

Looked at scars today when changing MICROSPORE tape. One scar looks terrific- hardly visible- the other looks raised and a little red. One is flat- the other raised a little. Is this normal- for scars to heal differently?????
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When I had my breast lift with saline implants, the scar going down from my right nipple was raised and had ridges. The left side was thinner and flat. My doctor told me to use Scarguard MD. It has worked very well. I had the surgery on August 22nd, and as of today, both scars are thin and flat and have very little redness.
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do you think it was work it? would your recommend this doctor?
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I must reserve judgement until swelling goes down . Third week and I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel!!
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. How did your follow-up with your doctor go?

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Hi there, I had a tummy tuck done at the same time as my arm lift. I was given Norco, and had to stop taking it after 8 days because it caused me to have SEVERE tummy problems. I was too scared to even take Tylenol after that, so I just suffered through it.

But my arms didn't hurt that bad at all. It was more painful when I tried to reach for something that was high up that I felt any discomfort at all.

I also had issues with the way one of my incisions ended on my right arm pit. I'm happy to say though that since I've been able to go back to weight training with my arms, this has smoothed out.

Best of luck to you, and happy healing!
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Wow you are brave, Did you have any numbness at 3 weeks? Thanks for comments.
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