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Hi all I just found this forum and it is so...

Hi all I just found this forum and it is so helpful. I am a 42 year old diabetics with 2 kids (18 & 13) and after many years finally got to courage to get a TT. I would love to hear from anyone who went through a TT who is a diabetic. I have to say I have 3 weeks to go but have such nervousness, fear, anxiety, and excitement setting in.


Hello! I had my TY w/MR in April. I am type 2 as well. I had so many questions relates to possible post op infection, antibiotic meds, healing, etc. bothy primary physician and PS assured me there wouldn't be a probl and it has not been. The first month post op I hit a few lows and needed to adjust insulin/med accordingly . A lot has to do with your food intake which definitely decreased for me. When I began to eat regularly my numbers began to return to Pre surgery numbers. However, once I began working out and exercising, they are getting better again. I think I was more concerned with I section at the site but I actually healed very nicely . Your anxiety and apprehensions are quite normal - dont be concerned. I don't think there is one person who hasn't experienced those feelings. Wishing you the best!
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I meant 'infection at the site'! BTW..I am in PG County!
I am type 2. I had my TT Oct. of last year. I am on insulin 5 times a day, or should I say was. The diabetes was no issue with me when. I had my TT. In fact since I had it I have been exercising more and trying to eat better. I think it has been a combination of everything including getting rid of my pannus that has improved my diabetes.. I now take between 1 and 3 shots a day. And a much lower dose. Being nervous is normal. You will not regret this at all. Best wishes..
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11 more days! So nervous

Hi all, I have 11 more days before my TT and I don't know if its normal but I'm a nervous wreck!! I do have a question please...I'm hearing several things on when you can begin your workout routine. I'm a diabetic and exercise is a large part of my life otherwise my BG is higher then the usual high. My workout is Zumba for 1 hour 3 to 4x weekly, can anyone share with me their experience please?

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