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Am I Expecting to Much? A Question for All the Doctors - Arlington, VA

I am a male 31 and have been big all my life. I...

I am a male 31 and have been big all my life. I lost some weight in the last year and currently I am down to 229lbs. I want to start looking good and dating. A doctor in VA has offered me smartlipo of the stomach (top and bottom) and the sides. He has told me that the fat will disappear but I need realize that the skin is going to be lose and while laser helps tighten it, that it might take 3 to 6 months. Also that I might need to do vela as well to tighten it.

I realize that for me a tummy tuck would be a better procedure....but I cannot afford the cost as I am taking care of my mom who has Stage 4 cancer. I also dont like the idea of going under the knife like that.

Realistically what can I expect and what should I get out of my mind?
It's hard to confidentially determine just looking at the photo but I can see where you have the loose skin from the weight loss. Just looking at the photo Smartlipo will remove the fat but will only tighten your skin 20-30%. It will not tighten enough were you will see a difference.
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