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Hi everyone I am in need of some opinions! I...

Hi everyone I am in need of some opinions!

I am 18, almost 19 and have been considering breast implants for quite sometime. I am a 32A/Small B currently, 5'2'', and 111 pounds. I have met with my plastic surgeon and discussed lots of sizes and I went with putting in a 500cc behind the muscle. He told me that it will lose 25cc so I will be a 475cc. I liked the size when I tried it on. He said I would be a D in the end. However, I have seen other people post about getting 310-450ccs and being a DD! What should I expect and is this too big for my frame?

I want to have big boobies lol, but nothing that makes me look like a "bimbo". What do you ladies have to say?

Thank you for your help!!


I went to Dr. Ward at USMD. He is an amazing surgeon and will give you an honest opinion on what will work and what won't. He does his surgeries at the hospital. I had an amazing nursing staff and he was great for all of the questions I had before and after the surgery. I am SO glad I went with the size I did. He did an amazing job and I am loving my results. I did form a few stretch marks (no one likes to talk about this) but I went from an A Cup to a D cup so it was expected. I still love my boobies and am glad I had my surgery! Hope this helped!
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Hi I also live in Arlington and I'm looking for a board certified surgeon for breast augmentation. Any suggestions for those that have completed surgery?
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Hi I am 19
34 A, very small, and my biggest dream is getting the surgery done , lol
I want big boobs too! How much are u paying for 500cc?
I would really want to know, and what doctor (where)
I want to get mine this year! :)
So excited.,
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