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Have scheduled surgery but a little apprehensive...

Have scheduled surgery but a little apprehensive in what my ps has advised. He has said full tuck, only lower muscle tightening and no lipo. After reading here, I'm scared of the bludgeon. Gonna talk more to ps about this;(

I have two children and stretch marks came with the first pregnancy, 2nd pregnancy left the loose skin. I would like any advice and am all ears! Thanks!

Im not fining my review on this site? How do i...

Im not fining my review on this site? How do i know if anyone is seeing my pics? Can anyone help me? Lol

Oh and i meant bulge. Stupid auto correct. I am...

Oh and i meant bulge. Stupid auto correct.
I am 5'7" and weigh 142 lbs. Hoping to look a lot better after that horrible midsection is taken out. Some days i feel as if Im making a huge mistake, opening myself up(literally) for problems later. Im so embarrased in my bikini though, infront of my husband, even though he loves me the way I am. This has been a personal, physically and emotional roller coaster of decision to do this but Ive paid my deposit and not turning back! I looked at this site on numerous amounts and decided I needed you all as support! My husband supports me and one friend that has had it done. I have not told anyone else that Im having it and prb wont. None of there business;). I will however prb have to tell my mom but Im seriously dreading it. She will say I dont need it;(. I run marathons and I have one Im training for Dec 1! So pumped!! Im really scared though that it will be like starting all over again training after this surgery but, I want that flat belly:). Have any of you had just the lower stomach muscles tightened and not the top? My ps says i dont need it but ive been reading about the upper bulge. Im thinking i should insist that he do it and after hearing all the docs answers on here and there advice, Im convinced it needs to be done.
Hi, I just sent you a private message, too, but I forgot to comment on your recent post. If you are not 100% confident in your PS, you should go see another. I haven't heard of lower-only ab tightening so I can't comment about that per se, but since you have reservations, maybe you should go see another few PS for consults. But, having said that, PS go to residency for like 7 or 8 years after medical school, so who are we to judge!!

Welcome to the community:)

Good luck to you neka2121! Keep up posted ! Will say a prayer for you.

Running a marathon this weekend. St. Jude's...

Running a marathon this weekend. St. Jude's Marathon, and I am very nervous. I know it will take recovery days til I can run again but I want to keep running up until my surgery date for strength issues. I want to be strong for after the surgery and maybe I won't have too bad of recovery. I just stare at my stomach hoping the cut will be low and straight. I pray that I will heal fast and nothing pops open! I'm having a tough time keeping this a secret. I've kept quiet so far except for the ones that I know support me. My doctor does not do binders so I hope I won't have any issues. I will have two drains and a pain pump. Anyway just babbling tonight. Have a good night!
Hey, Looked at your pictures- You are going to look fantastic after your TT. As for the lower muscles tightened , I don't know... I had major surgery below my belly button 4 years ago, the doctor was a female and she said she would "tighten me up" The PS now said My muscles look great and I don't need any tightening, so I would say it is very possible that mine was similiar. My stomach is completely flat, and I was told I don't need lip either, Its just all that darn skin and stretch marks. I am sure you doctor knows what he is talking about and you are going to look great rockin' your new abs :)

Had my post op yesterday! Omg I am so nervous,...

Had my post op yesterday! Omg I am so nervous, excited, scared and worried !!!! I keep thinking what am I doing!!! Putting myself through pain that I can avoid if I wanted to live with the stretch marks and skin everytime I am in front of my husband or out in a bikini inthe summer. I've lived with it for 16 years and just seems surreal that it could ever look any different. I won't lie, the scar from hip to hip scares the hell out of me! I just hope and pray that my ps makes it low and thin! I'm scared my belly button will look " not real" but I have faith in my dr and I'm just gonna try and relax, (yea right) .
I think pre op can really set the nerves on edge, its the first time the whole shebang really felt real for me. Don't worry though soon enough you'll be on the other side wondering why you didn't do it sooner! You're going to have fantastic results :)

One week from today I will be on the skin tight...

One week from today I will be on the skin tight belly side! Oh so scared and feeling really guilty. Still haven't told my mom. She gonna be pissed. It's my body though right? Any advice for me would be greatly appreciated!
one week will go by in a blink! you will look great!
The waiting is the hard part. The surgery and the rest is actually easier!!!! I am 4 months post op....you will be so happy! Wish you the best and this site was priceless!!!!

3 more days and I'm trying to get rid of this dang...

3 more days and I'm trying to get rid of this dang cold! Grrr why me!! I'm drinking tons of water, taking Tylenol severe cold, airborne, humidifier going, Vicks on the chest and throat. Please go away!!!! I have been running a low grade fever and gave a dry cough. Just hoping and praying I'm better by Wednesday :(. This makes me so mad cause I am a healthy person and this had to hit me right at the wrong time! Gonna try and get some sleep and will keep y'all posted of whether or not this cold will let loose!!!!

I've been sick since Christmas. Ran fever every...

I've been sick since Christmas. Ran fever every day until the night before my surgery. I couldn't get anything to break my fever so I broke down and took Aleve. Fever was at 102! Aleve helped, I woke up drenched in sweat and felt like I was 20 lbs lighter! ( not really) but still have a cough and after texting back and forth with my ps then he called me to discuss what would be best for me. We decided that yes, we needed to cancel. Would hate to pop sutures with a cough and be back in OR to stitch it back up! Anyone that is feeling sick a couple weeks before or sooner GET TO YOUR DOCTOR ASAP! Drink lots of water, OJ and Emergen-c. I am also on a zpac which seems to be helping but get tamiflu if you even think u are getting sick in the first 48 hours!
That stinks. I'm sorry. I am hoping you feel well soon and can reschedule as quickly. Hugs.
Sorry your surgery was postponed- I dealt with the disappointment of a postponement and it isn't fun! However since my surgery I have also dealt with coughing- and believe me, you don't want to have any type of cough going on after your surgery.... nothing hurts more than coughing or sneezing after TT :(

After having to reschedule do to having the flu, i...

After having to reschedule do to having the flu, i am now scheduled for jan 17! Im scared but i am tired of waiting. I couod have had this done already! Darn Flu! At least i didnt get it done and end up worse off! Went to Walmart tonight and literally would not touch anything. Made the hubby push the cart and get the groceries and check out. I will not and can not get sick again. I still have a lingering cough which i am taking meds for hoping it dries up before next Thursday! A friend of mine is having her tuck the day before me and she got us both a walker since i dont know if i will have someone right there every minute of the day to help me. My husband also moved our recliner in the bed room and put it close to his side so he could help me at night if need be;). My nine year old thinks its cool and slept in it last night. I keep racking my brain of things i need to get or prepare but im like well, if i need something i will just send the hubby out for it lol. I just hope my ps makes my incision very low and my bb cute. Hope i have the right drug combo for me to feel no pain!

I went for a run the other night and realize that...

I went for a run the other night and realize that all the belly bouncing is soon going to be gone! I'm an ready for the first 48 hrs of hell, ready for my recliner( electric) and ready to be patient and know that this will take time and each day I will be closer to being what I've want my belly to look like since my first pregnancy!17 years ago! I feel so old! I'm 36, and I deserve this, I deserve to get my body back for me, not for anyone else but me! Bring it on!!!!

I am a bundle of nerves, and trying to think of...

I am a bundle of nerves, and trying to think of all the last minute things I need to get at Walmart. So far on the list is Baby wipes, miralax, cough drops, kleenex, cotton panties, soup, yogurt, and whatever else I see I think I will need. Geez feel like Im packing for a vaca! A painful one. hehe. This time tomorrow I will be in lala land and wont even know I exist until they wake me up! I hope I have made the right decision, cause self inflicted pain and paying a lot of money for that pain, to me is crazy but totally worth it if my belly looks flat and smooth afterwards!!!:)Hope everyone is doing well in their recovery and I will be joining you TOMORROW!!

Good luck....keep us posted!!!

Thinking about you:)

Thank you so much Kimmers25

So freaking happy! Had my surgery Thursday so im...

So freaking happy! Had my surgery Thursday so im offically 2 days post op! First day and 1/2 it hurt but i have been keeping the meds going. Today ive been getting up by myself with no pain, just a little burning every now and then. My surgery took 2 hours and he did muscle repair in lower ab only, my upper was good. I have the cutest belly button. Im very happy with my resukts and would do it again. I already feel sexy even though im swollen. I will add some pics when im not on my ipad. It wont let me upload them:(
Congrats!!! Glad you're so happy!
Im very happy for you!!!!!!!

Im 4 weeks post op, literally have not had time to...

Im 4 weeks post op, literally have not had time to get on here. Ive uploaded new pics. I was released to run and get back into my body pump classes. Yay! my butt and love handles were missing it! I have had no problems in recovering and would do it again! I did previously say I only had muscle repair below the bb but Doc told me he did go above the bb at least 3 stitches. I was two inches separated in the abs. I did 20 girly pushup yesterday and it is amazing that I can tell my abs are tighter. I am not aloud to do crunches of any kind and he said just use my own body judgement on everything. If it hurts stop. Anyway Im so excited to get back into my exercising and running!! Gonna find a half t sign up for and hopefully a full by the end of the year!
You look fantastic! And, can I just say how much I loved that you took pics of your before belly in the car on the way to surgery? That completely cracked me up. How are you feeling doing body pump 4 weeks out? Is it twingey at all or does it feel normal? Just wondering and hoping that I am ready to get back in the gym a month out. Anyhow congrats to you! You have me looking forward to mine:)
Looks great!
Great outcome!
Little Rock Plastic Surgeon

Very well known reputable PS and I also had my breast aug done by him and was very pleased.

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