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Hi there, I am 45yrs old, happily married (25...

Hi there, I am 45yrs old, happily married (25 yrs), have grown twin sons and one wonderful grand daughter. I have been overweight my entire life! My weight got as high as 270lbs!

I decided I wanted to be around for my grandbaby that was coming so I set out to change my life. I have lost 90lbs and I feel great! I eat healthy, exercise & run around and play with my grand daughter.

I am so ready to get my body to match my mind. I am a healthy & active person. My body is very sad. I'm still working on losing more weight. I have seen my PS in May of this year and will see him again in Feb 2012. I will be having a FTT, BL & lipo in June of 2012.

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Hi horsey girl!! First congrats on the MM!! You will be SO happy you did this for you!! Your day will come sooner than you think! Best of luck!
I have to add that I ride Grand Prix show jumpers do you ride as well? Love my horses'!! They are second only to hubby and my twin boys that are 3!
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Gosh we have a lot in common! Ment to add that in the first reply! LOL!
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Girl... I just ride with my friends on the trails on weekends....
I learned to ride when I was a teenager and began showing... I started out western then added English then jumping... Just small shows not any farther than 4 or 5 hours (tops)away... Well, then got married at 19yr., sold horse, had twin boys at 21yr.
I was 39yrs when I was able to have horses again... I love watching horse shows just no desire to be in them anymore... I just wanna RIDE....
Gran Prix show jumping sounds so very exciting !
I was on my horse 10 days after my hysterectomy in 2009 and 2 weeks after back surgery last year...
I just love to ride..! I have one regular size horse, he's a paint (mostly white unless he is wet, you can see the dark skin underneath). I have a mini horse he is a sorrel and white paint.. I just love my horses..! Can't imagine life without them.
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Hi Lisa the horsey girl!!!

Love your is much like mine. After losing the weight.....don't we just want to get rid of the "skin" that remains. Big congrats on your weight loss!!! I am working on losing 10 more lbs before my surgery!!! Keep me posted on your progress and best wishes on the NEW YOU!!!!
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You are sooo right ! I upped my exercising... Went from 3 miles (walking) to 3 1/2 miles which includes climbing hills... :)
Since my back surgery a few months ago, my doc won't let me jog until at least the beginning of the year.
I'm trying to be good and follow doc's orders... BUT, running gets weight off faster... Oh well... I'll get there and can't wait to have my "makeover" surgery .. !
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Yay for not gaining weight! Now we just have to make it through the BIG holiday. :0)

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Thank you! I survived Thanksgiving holiday... I didn't lose any weight but didn't gain either... Thats good cause a have some lbs to lose before my surgery in the summer....
Have a great day.. .I'll be reading online a bunch of stories as I prepare for my "big" day ! :)
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Wow, you deserve this! Congrats on your weight loss. What a huge accomplishment.

Sounds like you're getting your mommy makeover for all the right reasons. Please keep us posted as the big day nears.

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