Swollen Face 10 Days After Fraxel - Arkansas

I has Fraxel to give my face a smoother complexion...

I has Fraxel to give my face a smoother complexion and to remove fine lines and sun spots. I heard it was a safe approach for the results I wanted.

I had my first Fraxel treatment 10 days ago for sun/brown spots and fine lines. Today my face is still red and a little swollen. Also, it has a rash. I have used Vasoline several times a day and Dove soap for cleansing. Is this the right approach for healing? I also am waiting for the cracks at the corners of my mouth to heal. What should I do to speed the process? I was under the impression things would be better after 3 or 4 days but there is was no way I would go out in public for the first 6 days!

Fraxel was totally worth the time and trouble. My...

Fraxel was totally worth the time and trouble. My face is smoother, fine lines lessened (keep in mind I am 57 years old) I also have Dysport injections every 4 months around eyes and forehead. Between the fraxel and Dysport I look 10 years younger. I would highly recommend this treatment.

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My Dr was great...just not sure if I'm using the right approach to speedier healing

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I had a matrix laser treatment four days ago and my face is red and my cheeks are red and swollen.Is it normal or maybe I should use some steroid cream.

thank you

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Hi, Best to run your questions by your physician. It sounds like you had Fraxel restore treatment. You should try to keep your skin as moisturized as possible, at this point we usually recommend Cetaphil moisturizer in the jar. For the rash you may ask your physician about using a mild steroid cream. Good luck and enjoy your new skin. Dr. P
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