3 Days Post Lower Bleph...with Yellow Tinged Sclera.

My experience was basically painless, with minimal...

My experience was basically painless, with minimal bruising. Was done in the office, with a local, and oral valium. So far, so good!! The procedure took about 1 hour!

Hi, I am 3 days post-op...lower bleph. Everything seems to be going well, but I noticed that my sclera at the inner canthus is yellow tinged. Not all of the sclera, just this area. No pain, no visual changes. Is this old blood trapped in the conjunctiva? Thank you:) Debbie
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Could you please post your doctor's name. Im considering having this procedure.
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Hi Lea ... Are you in NJ ? I go to Dr Berg. I am very happy with my results! Very simple , easy , done in the office under local anesthesia in about an hour. I only took a long weekend off of work and looked a hot mess but felt ok to go back on Monday morning. This surgery not only helped me to see better it took years off of my face. Good Luck ~ Kat
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Have you tried eye drops ? Could it be that some iodine/betadine got into you eyes ..it WILL leave a yellowish tinge ? Or like you said , it could be a bit of blood/bruising ..I am sure it will go away , but try using some lubricating eye drops. I am so happy with my bleph results !!!! Good Luck !
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