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I had the LL in 2008 and am very satisfied with...

I had the LL in 2008 and am very satisfied with the results and my follow-up patient treatment. Even now the incisions behind my ears are still sensitive (I had to get steroid inj. for keloid scars)and it took about 6 months to really see the final results of my "family jowls, puppet-mouth and turkey gobble" to be gone. But the improvement was noticeable immediately after the bruising and swelling were gone. I think it was easier for me bec. I knew what to expect, read so much about the procedure - studied all the photos and asked 100 questions and followed the doctors instructions to a T! I don't think they offer enough info to the patient and make it seem like a "walk in the park". It's surgery and things can go wrong. I hope you're better now.

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Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. This is a very useful review that has much of the details, wanted by the community. Thanks again do you have pictures? Please keep us updated.



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