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I have had several injections of juvederm and one...

I have had several injections of juvederm and one of perlane. I have had juvederm injected to plump my lips and around my marionette lines. I had perlane injected to fill the hollows under my eyes. The injections were at times painfil and causd swelling and bruising.

It took a week to see what the actual result would be as a result of the swelling. The injections took ten years off of my age and improved my appearance dramatically. I hope the titan I am starting helps my neeck to match. I will be doing this again in a year!

Several in the Phoenix area

I had excellent experiences with Derma Health and Dr. Laura Moody. A to Z Dermatology charged me double and barely numbed me. I was charged twice there for each tube of juvederm which is supposed to be a kit that should cost no more than $500 dollars for a little over a cc.

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Hi sueinaz,

This is a fantastic review! Often doctors tell people they can go back to work, which is true for some, but some, like it your case can take up to a week if not longer, and if the community doesn't know this they get scared, so thanks for that info. I'm glad it was a happy experience for you and if you have pictures we'd love to see them.

Thanks and have a great week!


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