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I got my Invisalign a while back and it is pretty...

I got my Invisalign a while back and it is pretty convienient. I wash them and my teeth at lunchtime and snap them back on. All of my friends have very interested and curious about it. One con is that you HAVE to take them off AND wash them. I wish I could just eat like everyone else...but it is better than braces. It's definetely more expensive, but I think so far that it is worth it.I have seen slight differences in my front teeth. I have also noticed that different parts of my teeth feel pressure when I switch to a new tray. I guess that is because Invisalign targets specific problems first and then basically pulls the teeth together.

I just rinse them off with water and brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush after I brush my teeth; after every time I eat, basically. I use Retainer Brite once a week as well, since my orthodontist offers the tablets for free.

Yay - glad you started your review CupcakeCat!!

What do you wash your trays with? I'm always curious to hear, because it seems lots of people do it a little different.


My friend currently has braces. She got them a...

My friend currently has braces. She got them a week ago and it makes me so thankful that I don't have them.
1) They look really...metallic :D
2) They look really umcomfortable.
Wow, my teeth really have moved. I am only on tray 2, but my second horrible vampire tooth has moved down so much! Only one more vampire tooth to go...and that one has moved as well!

Glad you are still feeling happy with your choice to go with Invisalign. :) How fantastic that you are already seeing your teeth move into position!! Do you have buttons/attachments on your "vampire teeth"??

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