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I have one implant- lower left side 3rd to last....

I have one implant- lower left side 3rd to last. Because of the location, the look of the tooth is somewhat irrelevant. Nevertheless, I had to have a bone graft...wait six months...get the implant (screw)...wait six or so months.... then finally get the cap.

I am really happy with it. It is way smaller than the other big molars in my mouth due to the small space they had to put it in, but it serves its purpose. My only complaint is how expensive it is. And I couldn't imagine it being one of my front teeth~ that would be a lot harder to deal with~ cosmetically.

My parents both have implants and they are satisfied. Though my mom lost some feeling on the side they put it in. It happens unfortunately- if they cut a nerve. She is pretty unhappy about that. I would say out of all the procedures you can have done, an implant is a pretty standard, safe, satisfying one.


Thanks for the comment about numbness.  I never realized that that was a possibility for implants, but it makes perfect sense.

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I think, if you want to have perfect teeth, you should take the risk of spending more money. When you spend, it's all worth the satisfaction. Glad you're happy with it.
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Got 2 implants and 3 units bridge. Before was extraction of the last of these 3 teeth. Bone graft with 7 month healing. The bone graft was somewhat painfull for a couple of days after. The implants - as doctor told... It was a flapless surgery method. A little hole is being drilled . Then thru the hole drilled and turned thread and implant has been screwed. Then the healing abutment screw. There were almost no blood.The healing time was almost 0. Pain? 3-4 hours after the anastesy was gone - was a bone kind of pain - not very sharp and after - like I did not have anything inside the bone. No is a hard time of the bridge - not a simple to use to... Bit hopefully I will use to it - it is easy to have something better then it was before - void...
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My periodontal surgeon rocks!

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