Carboxy on Eyes, Lower Face and Neck - No Change

I just had carboxy therapy done on my eyes, lower...

I just had carboxy therapy done on my eyes, lower face and neck. I don't see any change. I took a photo yesterday and I took one today and there is no difference. Not impressed and I wish I had my $725.00 back.

Do not have this procedure. At 55 a local doctor talked me into this for my crows feet. I've had a lift, lower bleph and laser resurfacing....since I've surfed most of my life and my face showed it. It was really looking fabulous and she offered me a very low rate to try her new machine. Since then, a few months ago, I now have under eye circles and look unhealthy. The procedure clearly damaged the eye area and it shows.

you won't notice results with only one session.
yes ... all collagen synthesis took minimum 2 months. This is a natural treatment with virtual no side effects. Try more info in
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