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As I wean my fourth child, I look in the mirror...

As I wean my fourth child, I look in the mirror and see the body of a mom. I'm happy with everything besides my breasts. I went from a small B cup with small, pink areolas to a DD with each of my pregnancies. My areolas have expanded and are uneven. It's not so much the size that concerns me, I would just like to have more symmetry. (And possibly a little reduction in areola size) I joined this site to learn about what my expectations should be. I lean towards a Benelli lift, but, I'm not sure if that would work for me. A slightly drooping breast after augmentation would be attractive to me than the scars from a lollipop lift with implants. I am seeking input.

I also would like to know how long after weaning I would need to wait before scheduling a consultation. I know that breast tissue is very different in a nursing mother.My final question is about cost. I know the expense of a Binelli lift with implants can vary widely, but I am looking for a ballpark figure. Thank you.


Hi Muffin I'm glad you are looking around in here it's so helpful when you are contemplating something like this. You might want to read another girls review that sounds like what you are considering and she could probably answer some things for you as well. http://www.realself.com/review/atherton-breast-lift-happy-benelli-lift-breast-augmentation good luck with all of this.
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Hi there,

Thanks so much for joining RealSelf and posting your story and photos here! We're here to offer you support and information.

Here's a link to the benefits of a Benelli versus a lollipop lift. And here are pros and cons of a Benelli lift.

As far as cost goes, it can vary widely between doctors and regions. I suggest you schedule a few consultations with plastic surgeons to find out what each doctor charges.

Finally, this has more to do with breast augmentation (not sure if you're considering that as well), but here are what some doctors have to say about scheduling a breast procedure after nursing.

Please keep us posted on what way you're leaning as the time comes closer!

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