Looking for a More Natural Look. Couldnt Go Under the Muscle

I had my second surgery done to replace old saline...

I had my second surgery done to replace old saline implants. Asked the doctor to go under from over and was unable because of the muscle thinning and laying in the grooves of my ribs. He put in 400 mod silicone which looks ok but im really thin up top and cant stand the round look up above and want the smoother transition.

The revision surgery was really easy with no real pain afterwards. It would have been more painful if he could have gone under the muscle. Id like to just get a more natural slope on the upper pole and go larger next time.

What are my options to get a more natural look? Is there a way to build up the muscle ro go under again? is there something that can be put in the pocket to create a more natural effect, built it up with fat? Why dont they make implant with a more natural shape than just round? thank you


This is a complicated problem without seeing what you look like. You may be so thin that going under the muscle won't make much difference although I feel it is the preferred approach. You may be drooping and need a lift or you may have contractures and need a capsulectomy or you may need a lift, capsulectomy, change of implant and go submuscularly with silicone implants. There are just too many factors to answer without seeing your photos.
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I have been doing this surgery for 25 years and also can't quite imaging what your doctor said being an anatomical reality. However he or she was the ones who was there so that's important. There are doctors out there who aren't skilled in submuscular work especially as non-plastic surgeons being to get into the breast implant process and you might want to go to a different doctor in your area.
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I find it hard to imagine the thining of the muscle and not able to lift the muscle. Even in very thin poeple the muscle is substantial. To get rid of the round look, 1: find another PS to put under the muscle and may be a smaller implant 2: replace with a smaller implant. Appropriate for your body 3:Fat transfer to the upper pole to smoothen the transition 4: If there is capsular contracture, which causes roundness, the a capsulectomy All these are methods to smoothen the transition area. You need full evaluation to recommend the apprpriate procedure for you
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