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Looking for a tummy tuck in Arizona have had 3...

Looking for a tummy tuck in Arizona have had 3 consultation dr.Creech 8000 no lipo dr.Simmons 6000 Lipo dr. Borsand 10000 with lipo don't no what to do if I should have more consultations weight is 200 pounds height 5'7 43 years old mother of 3 gastric sleeve patient looking to have surgery asap!


Had 4 th consultation more confused then before this ps says that I probably have a hernia want said me to see a specialist? Why he can t just fix it when I have my tummy tuck?

Paid for Tt

Scheduled Tt and paid just wating 10/29/13

vertical inscion

My ps thinks I'll h ave a better result if I have a vertical inscion but I don't want a big scar up the middle of my stomach ?

Tummy tuck post sugery

6 day post opp.

Post opp.

6 day post opp. Feel great


1week today and feeling great

Front view

Dr. Simmonds

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Looks good. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
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Wow what a transformation
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you look amazing! congrats!
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I understand how looking for the right doctor for your surgery can feel overwhelming. I will be 4 weeks post op on monday. I noticed your in Arizona too. I highly recommend my doctor. He literally wrote the book on tummy tucks. I found him to not only be an expert on tummy tucks but a great listener as well. I never felt rushed and he offers multiple consults. If you go in and find you still have questions, his office makes you feel welcome to return to have them answered. And if you mention real self your consult is free. Good luck!
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Thank you for starting your review.  Take your time and really think about your thoughts on each doctor.  Which one did you feel most comfortable with?  If you are having any doubts at all, please keep looking.  This is a big process and you must be totally at ease with your choice.  

I know you are excited and anxious but please be patient.

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