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Juvederm Lip Augmentation... I THINK I Love It (??) - Arizona, AZ

So, I've been thinking about and researching lip...

So, I've been thinking about and researching lip augmentation for YEARS & I finally decided to have it done. I have always used a light lipliner to enhance my lips and when the time became right, I went for it. I'd love to be able to use lip gloss and call it good, with no insecurities. So ridiculous some of us women go through this bologna! Oh well. So the RN(who administers tons of lip injections with juve) and was trained properly with allergan gave me an option between juvederm ultra XC and juvederm ultra plus XC explaining the ultra plus was less soft and not recommended for my lips. I opted for the ultra XC (contains lidocaine). We used the full syringe and other than a little asymmetry, which is hopefully only uneven due to swelling, I love them! I hope they don't reduce in size too dramatically... But we'll see.

Ps. I've read the good, the bad, and the ugly on here about juvederm lip augmentation and my expectations were not sky high. It stung a little bit even with topical numbing cream. My mother had the same thing done with the numbing cream as well and said it stung like crazy...to the point where she does not know if she'd do it again. So everyone's different.
I think your lips look amazing! They look super natural but are pouting and full. I'm getting mine done and am sooooo nervous! My lips now are most similar to yours, hopefully they come out similarly. Thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing your review and pictures.  They look really natural and nice.  Not sure how I feel about the stinging part of the procedure. I am a bit of a chicken with that thing.

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