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I had ArteFill injected under my eyes and a around...

I had ArteFill injected under my eyes and a around my mouth, it did not last long on my right side only my left, now my face is uneven around my mouth, a few months later a noticed a lump under one of my eyes, I went to a eye surgeon and he had no idea what it was from, so he did surgery and found that something had Infiltrated in the nerve under my eye, he had to take out half of the nerve and reconstruct my tear duck, I now how a dip under my eye, and guess what it was (Aretfill) again not worth it.
I had the same issue with it going right underneath my tear duct. A dr. had to excise it. Luckily there is no scar from the procedure. Awful product. I feel like a guinea pig for the company.

I can definitely understand why you wouldn't feel it was worth it after an experience like that! How big was the bump that you noticed? Its a good thing you were paying attention to your body and looked into it so it didn't become any worse.

Wow now i am terrified about mine. I was also talked into it which really pisses me off. I specifically ASKED my guy several times to tell me the risks down the line after lots of time and he said there were none, that this kind of thing doesn't happen. So did he lie? I assume so since he should know more than the patient; and it's worse since I knew him. And I CAN"T afford to get anything like surgery. I am really worried.
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