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A lot of u girls are asking questions that a lot...

A lot of u girls are asking questions that a lot these docs can't answer. U have to consider what your Breast look like right now as in 0( gap) 0 in the middle, how wide your ribcage is, everyone and every size is different for everyone. Plus how much Breast tissue u have? is it firm? is is sagging? . It's hard to say plus the size u pick is always just a bit smaller if it's placed under the muscles. Saline is safer itTends to ripple more, (depending on the tissue u already have!) silicon ripples but not as much as saline. Also the type of bag u choose has a lot to do with what your boobs will look like. There are also other types coming in, called gummie-bear Implant. You also have to consider the texture, the profile, don't just rely on the cc's (cubic centimeters), look them up. U can use the sizers they have available. Anand u can make your own sizers with rice or buy some online and try them different days. heck some of these doctors are out of date, girls believe me! Under the muscles is the most common and most natural. 350cc, is the most popular pick. But this can be a size D on a girl with 30in ribcage I got 500cc, saline still sitting high, doing lots of massages, which hurt like hell, but ask your doctor questions, as about gap, uniboob or fallout. There are always risk but u can always have a revision done. Look if he/she is a board certified surgeon, not just cosmetic. And u have to wait 3-6 months till they drop before u start making judgments on your new boobs. Ask questions a lot of them your paying big bucks! Good luck hope this helps :)
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Doctor's can be cocky but tell them what u want and what u don't want the ones that listen to you needs and expectations are the best ones and should always be appluded or ranked high!!!

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The girls ask questions because they want advise and an opinion. Of course the doctor can't diagnose them unless they are actually seeing them and I think they know that. And I am sure everyone does research before they make the decision to have surgery. I know I did. You act like you are an expert on implants. I know you probably did tons of research, as well as I, so you probably feel like you know everything. This site is more of a support to women who are thinking about having a particular surgery or already have and want to talk to others in similar situations. Yes there are a lot of factors that go into how your implants will look and what size they will be on a certain person. But to say don't ask questions, or to say that certain type of implant is better or this position will look or feel more natural is better is all relevant to the patient and their body and doctor as well, and may not be true for everyone.
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Wow.... If u have read all the comments we all post, the doctor reply to each" what size am I gonna be," well that's hard to say we have to look at you."! ..... That's what I'm referring to. It's advise. Read it right. And most of what I put is based on statistics based on thousands of women. Some of these doctors in America are not even board certified plastic surgeon! Is research. I went 8 different doctor. To find my doctor. It take time. If u can't take this as advise then u haven't done your research. Thanks
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Advise is exactly what I said it was in my comment, if you read it right. I even stated the doctor can't really diagnose or say anything for sure unless he sees the person. It just sounds like you are trying to make women feel stupid for asking questions, especially to the doctors. Believe me I did my research and I already new everything you posted. I know the statistics and I have already gone through the whole process and got implants. Statistics are not true for everyone. But, it is merely still your opinion that one thing is better than the other. There are many people and doctors on here talking and giving information on the same things you have. I am just saying, don't tell girls to not ask questions or that doctors can't answer them. That is part of their research. I know what the doctor replies are I have been a part of this site for 9 months.
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Statistics from women who had their brest done in the US. Your the one blowing this this out of the water. Not trying to make anyone stupid. Just to take it as consideration.
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