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2nd Treatment and Results Are Good

Bought package of 2 for $2100 including post...

Bought package of 2 for $2100 including post treatment lotions.  Day one was great, I could have gone to work.  I was numb and if you looked closely, I had the little white dots.  Day 2 was still ok, still had good numbing effect and little redness.  Day 3 was tomato red and so itchy that my throat itched.  Hydrocortisone 1% helped by 80% on the itching. 

I took all my meds as told and applied lotions as told.  Fourth day I peeled a sheet of skin off my nose, lips and forehead and they looked good.  I had to use alot of the cool down lotion for the burning and itching and dryness.  Day 5 I was still red and peeling and kept putting on lotion and numbing cream.  Went outside with a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen and was very uncomfortable. 

Days 6, 7,8 most peeling done, but have bumpy white heads like razor burn and it itches.  There is a reddish razor burn look like a frame around my upper forehead, sideburns and chin edge.  I never swelled or seeped.  I just itched.  I am wondering if I will clear up by day 10 as I go back to work from Spring Break. 

I just look like either I waxed my hairy chin or used greasy hair product and broke out.  The rest of face looks almost normal.  I wonder if I could use acne medication to speed it up but I will not take the chance.   Just wondering if I should plan the second treatment to be more or less severe.  I definately needed a full week off work this time.  I did it to tighten and look younger. 

Thighten, acne scars, wrinklespros- quick recovery...

Thighten, acne scars, wrinkles

pros- quick recovery , good results

cons- redness is hard to hide and you get funny corner marks while healing and you can tell it's not from a sunburn but a procedure

I had the procedure yesterday. My eyes swelled almost shut. I am cherry red and have black grid marks. Last night was very uncomfortable. Today is better but I am so swollen I don't recognize myself. I started to get worried because the swelling under my eyes is not abating. I called and they told me to wait it out. The more swelling the better the results. At this rate, I should be looking about 40 years younger when I am done. I will keep you posted Cost was 2500.00 for face neck and decolletage. I thought it was high I was told most people charge 5-6000 for the same. That is not what I am seeing on this site. But I am in the San Francisco Bay Area for maybe more costly here.
This is my second treatment after 8 weeks. It is coming along easier this time even though he went more aggressive. I didn't use petroleum jelly) & I used less products. I am healing quicker, I think because I am using arnica gel(4 bucks), scar gel($5), flaxseed oil, and leave on plain water-soaked gauze pads. I think those precut fabric face cloth rinsed in pure water helps. I also asked to get a higher percent prednisone (steroid)7 day pack. He didn't treat the whole face this time either, so it helps. If you must cool down your face keep some bottled water in the fridge(NOT the freezer) and use to dowse your cloth compress. Second time around seems easier, odd since the 1st time was less aggressive and it was worse. I recommend it.
Dr. Lawrence Broder

Looks great for 11 days later and will look better later. Doctor tries to make you comfortable, informs of expectations, good prices. Good for acne scars. Second treatment looks better and tighter, I feel like I got a little face lift.

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