My Liposuction is Amazing After 2 Weeks but Alot of Pain the First Week

Pros: Doing the traditional wet method for...

Pros: Doing the traditional wet method for liposuction with a longer recovery rate than other liposuction methods was well worth it. Already, I look smaller and more sculptured but, this is not for weight loss. He took 8 1/2 pounds of fat from variousareas of my hips and inner and outer thighs only. I had 8 areas of stiches. I did not need my stomach done.

Cons: I had a rough first week. I was in alot more pain than I expected. I am also 51 years old. Recovery may be based on my age. I had a procedure in my 20s and it was a breeze compared to this time. Also, I was red raw black and blue from my waist to below my knees for one week. Also, I still have lumps and bumps that have not gone away yet. I was told this will. The skin on my inner thighs where the bumps are is smooth to the eye.

Dr. Alexander Villicana

He has performed 11,000 surgeries and is a skilled surgeon. I have had other surgeries performed by him over the years and have been completely satisfied. I would not go to any other doctor for this delicate procedure. Become informed before you do this procedure. Do not let a doctor tell you that it is a breeze. It is not. Plan the week well.

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Hi, I just notice you said that you were red and bruised. I'm wondering by chance if the "red" you refer to is blotchy like a birthmark or if it was just flushed. I have two red blotches on either side of my hips after lipo and have yet to meet anyone with the same sort of problem.
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Thia ia my 12th day and the bruising is almost gone. My lumps and bumps are still along the inner thighs. I have been messaging the area my self. It appears to be helping.
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