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Aquamid- Great Result & Economical - Melbourne, Australia

I have had aquamid in the lips and for cheek...

I have had aquamid in the lips and for cheek augmentation- Personally i wouldn't waste my time with semi-permanent fillers it ends up costing a fortune and the results just don't last. Aquamid is used less and less here in Australia. I have been lucky and had no adverse reactions at any stage and know numerous people who have had great success but I guess like anything negative experiences tend to be more visible than positive. I have previously used juvederm ultra plus, voluma, and restalayne sub-q


Hi, could i ask how much volume you got in the lips i have had aquamid in the last 6 months and love the results so much! i would like to get more, im nervous and cant find information on what is the maximum that should be used in the lips.
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Hi Britt,

Healing was fine, slight brusing which I didn't get with semi-permanent fillers but nothing worth worrying about. Certainly well worth it in my experience anyway. Much more economical and satisfying.

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HI Carminee, 

Thanks this is good info for the community. As you said we get more reviews about negative experiences and so I'm glad to see a positive one. How was the healing after the procedure? 



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