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Don't Use Dysport - Aptos, CA

I was also talked into dysport after having much...

I was also talked into dysport after having much success with botox with a real M.D. My bad experience occurred at Laser Hair and Skin Solutions, in Aptos, Ca. I asked for a refund after seeing no results in the wrinkles in my forehead after seven days, and they cover their asses by making you sign papers so that they are not responsible...What a sick joke. Youshould not trust these people I got a headache and blurred vision. I hope they go out of business because they are so irresponsible for their actions.
the nurse??????

I did not like the smell in their office...I should have trusted my guts and left, but I had questions which they answered, and convinced me to try dysport, when I really wanted botox. Theentire time I was there I kept feeling it was a big mistke, but I was afraid to leave. I will never be afraid to leave a place like this again!

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Have the headache and blurred vision cleared up now?  
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So sorry to hear. I've heard a few bad stories as yours. I hope your symptoms go away. Research your next doctor. I had the same experience in the past. My doctor referred me to another doctor for Botox and it never did anything for me. It didn't even diminished the line in my forehead. I was so upset. Then I did my own research and found an excellent dermatologist. She recommended I try Dysport and I've been using it ever since.
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