21 Years Old Male, Baggy Lower Eyes from Genes

Hi, I am just wondering if I can get any...


I am just wondering if I can get any recommendations as to what procedure I should get done (if I should at all). I just recently turned 21 and I have the tired sleepy look in my eyes even when I get 8 hours of sleep a night. Both my parents have pretty droopy eyes as well. I really feel like this will be an issue if I wait until I am 40, as I am just about to experience my 20's and its already impacting my life in a way. I just don't know if I should wait until later or if this might be too young to do something like this. I am also not too fond on doing plastic procedures and stuff as there can be so many consequences but if I can get any feedback that would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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You should ask this in our Doctor Q&A.

Your bags seem way less visible in the middle picture.  Maybe it is diet related?  I can tell you from experience that the only way to remove fat pads from under the eyes is via surgery.  You can also get filler injected in your tear troughs to minimize the appearance of the bags if you are against surgery, but this is not permanent so you would have to do it every year.
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