Looking for Reviews on Best Butt Implant Doctors

Hello, I've been searching on here for quite a...


I've been searching on here for quite a bit and decided to ask for help on who are the best Butt Implant Doctors. I dont care where they are located and how much more they cost, I want a doctor that has a great review of implants. I'm small framed fitness type of body so there is not enought fat available to add to my butt and i have a high percentage it could just absorb back in to my body ( I did this with my lips and it lasted like 3 months so I would not do it again for myself).

I heard that Dr Raul Gonzalez is supposed to be one of the best in the world but where are the photos? I have emailed him recently but have read it can take along time for response. Dr Mendieta in Miami but have read alot of mixed reviews. I understand there will be neg responses but when its about 40% it makes me very nervous. The doctors I have used in the pass have had a great record of results so not every dr does have neg.

I'm 5'5, 105-110 pounds Im trying to do heavy weights to add the muscle to my butt, I like the shape of my butt I just need to make it a little more firmer with more plump of course. If anyone can respond who has added smaller implants or knows of a doctor with great reviews that would be awesome. Thanks so much :) Here is my wish list look.... lol
hey I'm wondering if you found any good ones I'm in the same boat!! thanks
Dr Cortes is awesome he's in Houston Texas
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