BBL, Am I Too Skinny, Will There Be Enough Fat?

I am 5ft7 150 pounds, 1 Child , I have stretch...

I am 5ft7 150 pounds, 1 Child , I have stretch marks on my stomach so question?? If i get a BBL and my stomach shrinks will this make my strech marks intensify?? because i know when i lose weight they seem more noticeable. I am a single mother and Although dr Salama prices are FREAKING AWESOME!. I just cant afford that. My budget is 5,000 to 6,000. Has anyone been to a Surgeon with those prices and had good results??. I want to have a nice backside but i also want an small sculptured waist, I guess i am being quite silly with my price range huh? LOL. Im scared if i have to gain more weight it will blow my face up> weight goes to my face first. If anyone is able to advise me i would greatly appreciate this :). IVE BEEN STALKING all you BBL'S for MONTHS NOW! LOL

thank you ladies, i was going to try bio oil RitFat13 but i was scared it wasn't going to work, I spend 1500.00 on laser stretch mark removal and it really did nothing
Welcome RS sis. All the Drs. Will tell you that you will need to gain weight to have fat for your bbl. about the price my Dr. Lacerna is great and she's not expensive. My bbl is in afew days $6k I will use care credit. But where you at? Dr. Lacerna is in Sarasota and Bradenton Florida. I also have kids and so stretch marks but Dr. Lacerna told me they will look better but I need to use an oil that will help a lot. She told me what kind of oil but I forgot. Lol good luck Hun :)
Hello, Are stomachs are kinda similiar. I have small light stretch marks and the little wrinkly belly. My doc told me that it will be flat but not flat flat. She also told me to just wear my waist clincher longer then normal and it will help push my stomach in more. I do plan on getting a TT later which will be the only thing to remove the marks but I think you and I will be fine. I havbe seen girls like us and their belly looked really good. I started using coco butter and im gonna go buy some bio oil to reduce the marks, although they arent that bad. I recommend that for you as well. I dont plan on wearing a bikini, I just want it flat. My doc is Dr. Afifi and she starts at 6, 000. She isnt popular on here but she is a good doc. Betsie on here has awesome results and some other girls who no longer update. I am a single mother as well and I am on a budget because I also have a price range. I gained like 10 lbs. I think you should try to gain like 5 or 10 as well. I gain weight in my thighs and belly then every where else. You should eat but also try to eat healthy so you dont get constipated lol.

Ok so ima chaulk it up and save for salama so i...

ok so ima chaulk it up and save for salama so i will have to wait a while until i can get a part time job to save as i dont want to take out a loan. :( dreams on hold for now
Hey girl. Did you get your bbl yet? For the look and price that I'm going for I may have to go to DR. Yily is good at the sculpting and she's not expensive. If you haven't gotten it done yet. Maybe we can plan a trip together!!!
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