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I had my implants put in Nov. 08 and I had 350 cc...

I had my implants put in Nov. 08 and I had 350 cc round. I had my frist biopsy Jan 09 it was about and inch big nothing to it. I have always had problems with my left breast it never felt right,well last summer it was starting to hurt really bad. I went to ps and he said it was breast tissue and implants had nothing to do with it and to take vitamin E . I then went to gynecologist and he told me same thing. Oh and I might add take 2 asprin for pain and he's not my Dr the pain wasn't going away and I went to surgeon who took 3 cyst out an one was 2.7ccm and the report said it had hard rubber like substance.Well I'm not to smart but I know I'm not growing rubber? my daddy wasn't a rubber tree.. that's why I went back to ps to have them removed. I do feel so much better,but I'm trying to get use to the look.I think everyone has gotten so use to the fake boobs look we don't know what the real thing is.
Kudos to you sweet c2lucy for being persistent about your health! So happy you got those fakers out. I'm over the moon that mine are out. Enjoy your natural self & love yourself you are sooo worth it! Blonde
Thank you this website has helped me so much...a lot of support that you couldn't get anywhere else. I can say it has been a blessing and Ironbaby you rock...

Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! Sorry you had to deal with cysts, but am glad those things are out of you.

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Love Dr Urquhart he's so sweet.

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