My 50th Birthday Present! - Annapolis, MD

Hi Everyone! I'm a Mom of 4 and turning 50 in May....

Hi Everyone! I'm a Mom of 4 and turning 50 in May. My consultation is tomorrow and I'm so excited. Since my c-section with my first so was vertical and over 30 years ago, all of my others were done that way too. Love my munchkins but yuck on the scar! Looking forward for the first time to be able to turn back the clock a little. I'm 5' 110 pounds and since now finally finding the love of my life (yep, took me this long!) It sure would be nice to have the confidence to jump in the shower with him know sorry, tmi!

YOU BOOKED?! We gotta make a date girl!
Finally... 7/26...yes! I've been keeping up with your progress & wow... Looking gorgeous on the flat side! That's my goal now - belly button ring :-) We have to catch up soon!
you almost there gbu

3 days pre-op with "before pics"

I went yesterday for pre-op ekg and blood work. Still can't believe it's actually going to happen this friday (7/16/13). I'm so busy stalking rs that I can't get anything else done! Thank you to everyone for all of your stories. They're keeping me encouraged and so excited!

Oops.. wrong date

oops..meant 7/26/13!

another photo..ugh!

pre-op photo #2
How are you feeling?
Hey good luck to you. I noticed your scar from your c-sections I'm anxious to see how that turns out for you. I have a scar like that and I was worried because of it I wouldn't be able to get a TT. I hope for a quick and easy recovery for you.
You will be so pleased with what Dr. t can do. I have my 4 week follow up today. Keep us posted and we will be thinking about you!

Calling all tt post oper's...need guidance please

Well, thanks to everyone who sent well wishes. I ended up postponing and now have a dilemma. I was able to reschedule for 8/23/13. All is done pre-op wise and am almost paid in full. I'm so excited... and got even better news yesterday! I landed my dream job. Yaay, right? Yes, definitely, but the issue is, they want me to start my new job on 9/4/13. That's 12 days post op. Is that at all possible? It's an admin position - and 9/4 is wednesday so I'd only have 3 days and then be able to rest again over the weekend. I'm just not sure this is doable.... but at the same time, once I start the new job, I won't get any vacation for a year and it'll probably be only 1-2 weeks at most which will put me in the same place in recovery again if I wait.... can any of you post op patients give me any advice? Truly appreciate any help! Thanks :)
Admin positions should be doable at that time....but if you could wait till the 9th you would feel better.
I would try to start on the 9th. If you tell them you have plans I bet they would do it. I went back 17 days PO and it was doable but a little tough the first few days as far as walking very fast and standing up straight. Other people have gone back at 12 days and were just fine. Good luck can't wait to follow your journey - I am very happy I did it and love Dr. T

TT's happening tomorrow...

Hi everyone! Waiting on call to find out what time to report for surgery tomorrow. Kind of a strange feeling. I'm not ready - thinking I can't believe this really going to happen tomorrow. Excited and stressed... headed to Ravens game tonight with fiance to get our minds off tomorrow... get I better repost before pics...ack! Hope everyone else is going great and thank you all for your wonderful support.
You are gonna be so glad you did this! I just posted fun 2 month pics take a look at what you have to look forward to, it will keep you going :-). Post as soon as you can and let us know how you are doing. You are in excellent hands with dr t!!
Have fun tonight!! Tomorrow is a whole new beginning for you. Looking forward to seeing post op pics.
I wish u the best with your tt tomorrow:) it is normal to feel all that stuff you will do great! Have fun tonight it will ease your mind I cannot wait to see your after pics :)

1 month post op... Crazy time but so happy!

Have to update pics but boy am I happy! Yes, I started new job 12 day's post op. (Not for the faint of heart I can tell you!). I can't really remember too much of the first few days, but my man was a Saint. He's more traumatized from taking care of! Said it scared him to death how I was on the pain meds - so out of it.

Dr. T is awesome! I could not have asked for a better outcome or patient treatment. He was so caring and really listened to what I wanted. My scar is exactly placed with the bathing suit bottoms I wore and he made sure I didn't have any vertical scar (which I was so worried about, since that was mostly what I was trying to have removed from my c-sections).

The recovery - Drain was removed on day 11 (last day before I started brand new job). My biggest complaint, exhaustion. I'm surprised at the lack of energy I have. It's better now at 1 month, but still, I can't imagine trying to get a workout in after working all day. The swelling is no joke either, nor the weird stomach muscle aching and tenderness. Maybe my recovery is worse due to the new job and not being able to really rest like I should be doing. I sure love the weekends!

Hope all is well with everyone!
Glad you are doing well...give us some pics :-)

1 month post op photos

Sorry I took so long to post photos. I know they sure helped me seeing others so here's a few I took this morning.
Your result is amazing!
Wow! You're so tiny!! Congratulations :)
Looking good
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

I have heard great reviews and really like the results shown of his work. His staff is so friendly so far. I'm really excited about my consultation tomorrow. It's been over 32 years living with this stomach after my first born. I'm consulting for a tt, bl.

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