Juvederm Filler Caused Lumps, Bumps and Nodules - Annapolis, MD

I've done Juvederm a hand full of times and have...

I've done Juvederm a hand full of times and have always loved the result. I recently heard of this RN at a local PS office with great reviews. Unfortunately, I should've stuck with my old PS. My former PS would only ever use Juvederm Ultra, because he said Ultra Plus was too thick a consistency for lips and it was more likely to cause lumps. Well the new RN I went to used Ultra Plus, because she said it lasts longer…
Anyhow, she injected about 70% of it into lips and the other30% into my laugh lines. For the first 3 days they were really swollen and I couldn't tell there were these lumps in my upper lip. By the 4th day the the swelling subsided a bit and when I smiled I was taken aback by how lumpy and even my top lip was! Before freaking out, I told myself to wait until the 7th day and then evaluate the situation and call the RN. By the 7th day it was still just as awful. I called the RN and she said to rotate between massaging out the nodules and using a hot compress (I used a hot wash cloth, and held it on until the heat went away) So for about 2 hours I massaged the nodules and held a hot compress on it. (but I made sure to manipulate the nodules from right to left because i didn't want the juvi to spread up). Now today, Tuesday, my lips look so much better!! I was so worried that massaging them a week later wouldn't do anything, but it really did. Obviously it's really easy to still manipulate your lips so soon after having them done (so if you like the way your lips look, don't touch them!) So the moral of the story is: if you have nodules, even a week after your lips are done, massage them and use a hot compress and they will dissolve.
I did lip augmentation with hydraulic acid 2 years ago and i still have bumps and nodules that never went away..I hate the dr who did it! I went many doctors to find a cure for this awful look but they said they need to remove it with surgery which may even look worse so I'm really scared and dont know what to do....
I will try the massage via hot compress, I have two nodules side by side on upper right corner of lip---solid as rocks and numb---which are scaring me at only day 3 and the only reason I know its not normal "swelling" is because the other side of my mouth is healing just fine and has sensation. Thank you I hope this works!
The massaging and hot compress should help. Honestly, my nodules never completely went away. But doing these things helped a lot. Hope you're doing better
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