BBL-Doc Says I Cant Get What I Want? - Ann Arbor, MI

Had a consult today and was given a price of 7500$...

Had a consult today and was given a price of 7500$ approx. BUTT, he said he'll harvest all the fat I have, which is plenty at 180 lbs 5'5. He says I can not get results like pics I showed him of other women who were similarly shaped prior to surgury. I wonder do they say this so you arent mad or so you are over happy when it does happen. I love some of the results on this site and am super excited to get the proceedure done but i need to know of a great doc who doesnt charge more than i was quoted. I have apple shape and want to slim my waist and plump my butt for a more hourglass type look.


hi dear try to see anothor doc like dr salama ,dr jemersion or mexican ones like campos or panatoj,u will find wt you lookind for best wishes for you
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