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I had big breasts my entire life, all I wanted was...

I had big breasts my entire life, all I wanted was to be smaller..

Hi Trena,  I sure did.  I wanted to be a full B or small C.  He gave me a C but now after dropping over 60 pounds of weight I am a nice full B and love it!  I am really small so anything bigger than what I am now is just too much.  I am only 5'- 1" and 125 pounds and my original DDD was enormous on me.  I always felt like I was going to fall over forward.  My boobs entered the room before I did...UGH!
When did you have your reduction? If it was in the past three months I am wondering if you are just still swollen? My were swollen for a couple of months but then settled down nicely..I went from a DDD and was a full C for the first two months after surgery. When I was all healed I ended up a nice full B.
hey Kimmers25 did you ask your doctor what would be best for your size? I'm getting mine done too and I'm a size 38D and I want to be a 38C, I don't want to be too small. I told my doc and he says C also so I hope I end up with what I want.
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I went to have a breast reduction, and though my breasts are lifted I am still in the same size bra. I was told by the doc that he would make me smaller but I would have to pay full price of a reduction--again! I was in his office crying, and all that mattered was money. Not that I didn't get what I asked, and he told me he would do.

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