At first they said it would only be 3 treatments...

at first they said it would only be 3 treatments and it would take 6 weeks to complete it - after my first, I didn't get my second treatment until 1 1/2 month later because I had nodules that needed to be massaged supposedly and drink more water - they never said that initially, All I got was bloating and pain, and supposedly my fat would be gone, trust me it has come back and I'm not a heavy person, I just have fat on my tummy that the gym wont get rid off - A total waste of money!

I never went back for my last treatment - they would most likely try to get me to buy more.


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What was the name of the spa? I want to steer clear.
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Modesto Lipodissolve

It's not even a doctor that does it, it is nurses and th

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