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Embarassment to Happiness and Confidence - Andover, MA

Hi everyone, i am on 30 mg of accutane twice a day...

hi everyone, i am on 30 mg of accutane twice a day. i started this treatment 3 and a half months ago and it was completely worth the side effects which were dry face and lips. However this things can be fixed using a cetaphil cream for your face and aquaphor for your lips. This medication was very helpful to me because i had cystic acne and other acne (not sure what kind ) all over my chin.. Accutane cleared all of this up in 3 and a half months. When i began taking this i never even noticed any breakouts that i would not have normally had. This is a great medication and if you cannot stand your acne anymore and feel embarassed by it.. Then accutane is for you.
sincerely, Todd

How great to hear that your skin has cleared up! Are you still on Accutane for a while, or was 3.5 months the total amount of time you were suppose to take it?

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