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I'm 24 and a mother of 5. Ages 8 and below. I also...

I'm 24 and a mother of 5. Ages 8 and below. I also work full time. Before my first born I weight at 100 lbs and after my last child two years ago I just cant seem to shed my weight off at 150. I am so tired of people asking am I expecting or the name calling when I have been going to the gym. And I decided to get liposuction, but my doctor suggested that I get a TT because of my loose skin. So she suggested that I do it in feb 2015. After my vacation in december and the holiday. So I'm leaning towards it everyday and still trying to lose more weight until my procedure. I am so thankful for this site because there are people here that understands my problems

Feb it is!

I decided to aim for feb 2015! Gives me enough time to shed some more weight! Im so neevous but yet so excited at the same time I cant stop thinking about the new me!
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Happy you made the decision. Im plannin on february as well. Adter the holiday, but time to heal before bikini season!!
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Oh we definitely all understand you girlie!   Been there and done that, totally get it.  People ask dumb questions at times.   Glad to have you here with us and I look forward to seeing your results.
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Thank you so much for understanding! I will keep everyone updated as time gets closer!
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