Had Procedure Today, So Far Love It - Anchorage, AK

I am 52 have good skin, have always used high end...

I am 52 have good skin, have always used high end products for my daily skin care regime. This last year I've felt a more dramatic sagging of my lower face and some creping in the skin on my neck which has really bothered me.

I did my thermage research and went for it. I was most concerned about the immediate after effects because I had to return to work and didn't want a bunch of questions like what happened to your face!

No redness, some pain when the tech did my neck, I was very pleased. I had bells palsy ten yrs ago and my left brow sits lower than the right, but not now! My brows are both even and my skin looks more even colored and much younger.

Ok now on day four and still have nice results...

Ok now on day four and still have nice results from my thermage appt. I was sore the next day but feel great today.
Skin still looks tightened and I feel like I look much more refreshed. My job is very stressful and I know it shows in my face, so this procedure for me personally has been wonderful.
I'll let you know how everything looks in the coming months!

Are you still pleased with your results now that you're six months out?


HI Healthy,

It's good to hear such a positive review about this procedure often times the community finds this not to work, so I'm glad it worked so well for you. It's been a bit over a months, still seeing/experiencing good results? 

Thanks so much,


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