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Acne Scars Not As Noticeable!

So far I have had one peel and after 5 years of...

So far I have had one peel and after 5 years of being depressed when I look at my skin I am happy with the results. Its not 100% gone but what do you expect from something that does not contain any acids.

I had pin point acne scars and I had the peel done 1 week ago and it did work. Of course I will need to have another but I am happy with the results so far, and yes it does hurt a lot … I told the lady to stop 3 times because it felt like sand paper being rubbed into my skin ... but to look and feel better about yourself I say IT WAS WORTH IT! go for another in 7 days ... can't wait!

i had green peel before 2 weeks my acne scars yet not closed my beautician said it takes more than 30 days the scars to disappears,my scars lightly closed after 15 days ..i am still waiting for another 15 days whether the scars disappear... i have not feel any big difference ..
I going to do green peel next week .after that i wil comment in this section that cost 250$
I have had the green peel done. My first one was about 6 months ago. Having it done was painful, the beauty therapist massaged the green peel into my face and it does feel like she is sandpapering my face..there was a couple of times I wanted her to stop but I didn't I made it bearable. The only problem about this peel is that you would have to be non social for about 4-5 days as your skin starts to peel and gets pretty noticeable after 3-4 days but once my skin started to peel the results were great, my skin tone was fresh, no more dull face and more youthful looking. I am going for my second green peel and cannot wait. I would recommend it to someone who is after a more natural solution to better skin, but who is patient and can bear abit of pain!!
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