I have ance scares on my checks its really not...

i have ance scares on my checks its really not that bad i justed dont like it . i have had 5 affirm treatments and i see no improvment is this really going to work for me or is it a wast of money . can some one please responed to this

Hay its me again so i went in and told them i...

hay its me again so i went in and told them i wanted my acne scares gone  on my checks they said no problem we can take care of that you will see improvement after 3 treatment i am going on 5 and havent seen any improvment what the manager tells me is i am my worst critic that bulshit  because i have been taking pictures after ever treatment i mean no improvment. so they gave me a pakage of 3 more for free  my scares arnt that bad i justed dont like them i spent alot of money and im upset  i feel they justed want ed my money and that sucks for me the had thing about this is they are all very nice its like they are lieing to my face !! kelly

Did you end up getting Affirm treatments? If so, did you have good results?
I am looking into doing the affirm at ALC. They are giving me a packet of 7 trmts and 7 microderms.. it's going to be about 3 grand. have you seen any improvement yet.. i'm 26 yrs old and the only reason why i want to get this done is because i have deep scars on my cheeks from old acne. please let me know if you see any results yet!
Not happy with my result either on the neck. Good advice I will get incontact with the place that did the procedure and see if they will give me a few free sessions. As it cost to much money and found out I'm paying off their machine.
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