Drastic Difference - Lashes Are a Lot Longer and Thicker -Anaheim, CA

Love Latisse. Been using it for 2.5 months and I...

Love Latisse. Been using it for 2.5 months and I already see a drastic difference. My lashes are a lot longer and lot thicker. I couldn't be happier (except if it was less expensive!)

Can I perm my eyelashes while using Latisse? That way, I never have to use an eyelash curler to curl my eyelashes?


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Congrats on your success. When did you start seeing a difference? I have been using it for two in a half weeks, barley started. Just curious to know when you started to notice a difference? By the way if you shop around you can find it for less. I went on the Latisse website and went to the find a Dr. option and found a Medspa close to my house. My consultation was free and they had a special $99.00 per bottle or $80.00 per bottle if you buy three or more bottles. I also heard Costco sells it for $90.00. Like I said call around and you will eventually find a good price. About the perm, I would not do it. It's not good for your eye lashes and similar to chemically straightening you hair or curling it. Obviously the people at the salon or where ever you plan on perming your lashed will mosty likely recommend it and say it's not bad. Common sence says it is harful. I have stick straight eye lashes and I HAVE to curl them. If I were you I would rather curl them then to risk my lash health and perming them... Think about it! :)
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