An Implant Saved my Self Esteem

My breasts grew to be two different sizes....yeah,...

My breasts grew to be two different sizes....yeah, I know, everyone has uneven breasts. One was a size 3xF and the other was barely an A cup. I had one reduced and one enlarged at 16 yrs old (I am now 40).

I had a great Dr, who was very supportive of a scared, insecure teen. I had no problems with my implant until it ruptured 22 yrs later. If I'd had it replaced 10yrs before it rupturing, I would have no complaints.

Now I am back with a small boobie on one side because I refuse to put silicone in my body again. I have had strange, inexplicable health issues ever since the rupture. I hear there is now non cohesive silicone..wish they had that back in '85.

Any chance you'd consider saline, or are you just done?

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My dr was Jaroy Webber but he's deceased.

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