Straight Teeth but a Horribly Misaligned Jaw & TMJ Pain - Ames, Iowa

I had slightly crooked teeth as a kid. However, my...

I had slightly crooked teeth as a kid. However, my jaw was fine, and it was more of a cosmetic issue than anything. Just because every single person from my junior high got braces, I went along with the crowd and my parents paid $3000 for braces. The orthodontist insisted on pulling out three of my teeth (even though it would shift my jaw into an incredibly awkward position and cause an improper bite).

I now have straight teeth, but my bite is horrible, and I have had severe TMJ pain for literally 10+ years since getting braces. I also developed teeth grinding habits both during the day and at night (though I've since forced myself to stop grinding during the day). I can't bite down properly -- my upper teeth goes right and my lower teeth goes left. My overbite is possibly WORSE than before braces, too.


A lady at my ortho office had the same issue. Her 4 bicuspids were pulled as a child before her braces were placed. It really messed up her bite. As an adult she had implants to replace missing teeth and braces again. Her teeth and smile are beautiful. She said she has a much better bite too.
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Wow, this is really unfortunate. Have you consulted with any other orthodontists since stopping treatment with your original one? If your bite is really bothering you, might not be a bad idea to see what they would suggest for correction...although after an experience like this I can certainly understand if you are a bit hesitant to do more ortho work.

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