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No No and More No : Acne Scars - New York, NY

Do not waste your money if u intend on getting...

do not waste your money if u intend on getting this procedure for acne scars. i have rolling scars on my cheek and decided to get this done because it seemed reasonably priced and minimal downtime. well, you will have grid-like marks on your face for at least 3-4 days depending how strong they go. Once you get it done the first time you will be amazed. No more scars! Please do not get your hopes up for this is just your skin swelling and it will go back to normal about a week later. i feel as if i wasted my time and money and this product should not even be on the market. I was Extremely optimistic going into this because i want nothing more than these scars to be gone, but after at least 8, yes 8 sessions i see not 1% difference and i even have a new mark on my face resembling the grid. The only plus was that i agreed to a package of 4 for $1000 at the beginning, but because i was so disappointed they only charged me 500 and did the additional sessions for free. Eventually after growing tired of going and waisting my time, i stopped.

You're just one of 99% of the people who saw no difference after a series of Ematrix for scar reduction. You're lucky they didn't overcharge you the way they over charged most of us. Some paid 3X as much. However, can't say you got a good deal since you're out $500 and 1% difference. 1% is no difference because it's not even detectible by the eyes. Sorry to hear that you're one of the victims too. How do they get away with this over and over?
Sorry to hear that this did not do what was promised. It still does not seem that these non ablative devised can release the scar tissue or build collagen in the acne scarring. Traditional Dermabrasion and CO2 and filling with Artefil or fat typically give some degree of improvement.

Oh my...I am so sorry this did not work for you:(

How frustrating and time consuming...thank you for sharing your honest review.

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